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Historic Fort Worth Location

The building that Lucile's is located in at 4700 Camp Bowie was originally constructed in 1927 as a restaurant called Steve's Cafe. Steve's operated for 19 years, was known for its great ham sandwiches and was considered to be one of West Fort Worth's best restaurants. In the late 1940's, Steve's gave way to Finley's Cafeteria, which operated for approximately 30 years.

Following a brief stint as a grocery store and artist's studio on the west end of the building, the Black-Eyed Pea restaurant opened and operated from 1979 to 1992. Lucile's leased the premises in late 1992 and began restoration and construction on Lucile's, which opened to the public on April 12, 1993. Several historical photos are hung in the lobby that show both Steve's and Finley's.


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